75000 Body Screen TX - Product description

In today's world, body composition monitors and their associated apps are indispensable tools for people who want to actively pursue their health and fitness goals. These advanced devices allow users to accurately monitor and analyze a wide range of body values in real time. A standout feature of many of these apps is the graphical display of this data over time to track progress and make informed health decisions.

Our body composition monitors and apps offer a comprehensive chart display for a variety of important body values. These include:

1. total weight

2. ideal weight

3. difference to ideal weight

4. total lean mass

5. basal metabolic rate

6. body mass index (BMI)

7. body fat percentage

8. total body water

9. body water percentage

10. total protein

11. visceral fat

12. total minerals

13. bone minerals

14. total muscle mass

15. difference from ideal muscle mass

16. skeletal muscle mass

17. segmental muscle mass (left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, right leg)

18. body fat mass

19. difference to ideal fat mass

20. segmental fat (left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, right leg)

21. segmental lean mass

22. waist-hip ratio

23. physique

24. edema evaluation

25. circumference of body parts (neck, chest, waist, hip, right arm, left arm, right thigh, left thigh)

26. body balance (upper balance, lower balance, upper-lower balance)

Our body analysis scales enable a comprehensive analysis of physical condition and offer our customers valuable insights to support their personal health goals. We invite you to discover our products and the accompanying app to effectively monitor your health and track your individual progress.

For more information about our products and the app, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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