3602 Cardio Strider 3.1 - Handle Adjustment

If you ever find that the adjustment handle for your handle bars will not properly grip and/or lock down your handle bars in place; it is a sign that the handles have simply fallen out of calibration with the pressure plate.

For this example, we will be adjusting the USER RIGHT adjustment. 


Set Handle to the fully pressed position, notice that the stops on the side prevent the handle from turning any further.

We can imagine this, as 12’o clock on a clock.


With the handle on the fully pressed position, using a Philips head screwdriver, remove the center screw. Lift the handle off from the tension nut.

Notice that the nut head, is grooved, and that the inside of the handle can receive those grooves.


Position the handle ¼ of a turn back, then set back on the grooves

With the new set angle, press the handle to the fully pressed position.

Repeat that process until the grip is strong enough.


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