5163 Q. Vadis 10.0 - WLAN connection problems

Dear Sir or Madam,

if your QVadis 10.0 has difficulties to connect to the WLAN, we would like to give you some easy to fix causes:

1. the WLAN signal may be too weak:

Please move the treadmill to another location and try to connect it to the WLAN again. There may be other electrical devices in the current location that are interfering with the connection, or the treadmill may be too far away from the router. For example, even if you are still within range with your cell phone, this may not be sufficient for the treadmill. In this case, a WLAN booster can help.

2. the treadmill cannot connect to the router:

Please test the WLAN connection of the treadmill with the hotspot of your cell phone. If a connection can be established, please switch off your router and try to connect the treadmill to the WLAN again after 10 minutes.

3. the settings of the treadmill may not be correct:

Please check if the date and time zone are set correctly in the treadmill's settings. If the date or time zone is set incorrectly, this may cause connection problems with the WLAN or other apps.

However, if you continue to experience problems, we will be happy to assist you and help you further.

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