How do rowing machines need to be maintained?

Rowing machines are not only effective fitness equipment, they are also an investment in your health and fitness. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that they function optimally for a long time and that you enjoy your workout. Here are some important tips on how to look after your rowing machine properly:

  • Cleaning after use: You should clean your rowing machine thoroughly after every workout. Use a damp cloth to remove sweat and dust from the surfaces. Pay particular attention to the seat rail and handle areas, where dirt often accumulates.
  • Check the components: Regularly check all moving parts of your rowing machine, including the pulleys on the seat rail, the cables or pulleys, and the pedal connections. Make sure that everything is free from signs of wear or damage.
  • Lubricate the moving parts: To ensure smooth movement, lubricate the moving parts of your rowing machine according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This can extend the life of the components and minimise unwanted noise.
  • Check the water level and water quality (for water rowing machines): If your rowing machine uses water as resistance, check the water level and water quality regularly. Keep the water clean and, if necessary, treat it with chlorine tablets or other cleaning agents to prevent the formation of algae.
  • Electronic check (for devices with monitors): If your rowing machine has a monitor, check the batteries or power supply regularly. Make sure that the monitor is working properly and displays correctly.
  • Professional inspection: You should have your rowing machine inspected by a specialist at least once a year. This will allow potential problems to be recognised and rectified at an early stage before they lead to major damage.

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