Go-Live of a new kinomap app

Kinomap, a renowned fitness technology provider, has recently announced the launch of an extensively updated app version. This update marks a significant turning point as the existing app is being completely replaced with a modernised and improved version.

The redesign of the app aims to optimise the user experience with a contemporary, engaging and user-friendly design. According to the company, most of the app's functions and operating modes remain unchanged. The main difference is the visual and technical upgrade, which promises increased responsiveness and a more appealing user interface.

Compatibility with our fitness devices remains unchanged. You can expect your devices to interact smoothly with the new app version, just as they did with the previous version. As Kinomap only released detailed information and media material about the new app at the time of launch, user experience will be particularly important in the first few weeks to evaluate the functionality and performance of the app.

We advise users to contact the Kinomap support team directly if they experience any problems or malfunctions. If you find that the app is not working after updating, we recommend checking that the latest update has been installed correctly. In cases where problems persist, please reinstall the App.

This initiative by Kinomap represents a significant step towards technological advancement and user-centricity in the fitness app space and demonstrates the company's commitment to providing the best possible experience for its customers. 

We are pleased to share information about the new app below.

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